TheKrishi came in to existence in July 2018.

Who we are

We are a bunch of engineers. We come from small towns of India. We have agricultural background in our families and we have seen the plight of Indian farmers first hand.

Why are we here

58% of Indians depend on agriculture, which contributes only 17% of the GDP. With rural India set to be connected with high speed internet in next few years, we have an opportunity to break the status quo in Indian farming by imparting knowledge to Indian farmers about modern practices of agriculture.

What do we want to achieve

We want to make agriculture a profitable business and an honorable profession in India. We aspire to become a catalyst in the change adoption process by farmers. We want to contribute in the national mission of doubling farmers' income by 2022.

How are going to do it

The first problem, which we are trying to address is to improve the information access of Indian farmers. With increased awareness about progressive farming techniques, farmers can be empowered to try new things with confidence and avail Govt. subsidies and deploy the latest technology in their farm.

Where are we, What next

Right now, we are connected with more than 1.5lakh farmers. We have already empaneled a range of experts, who help farmers out with their queries around crop/seed selection, plant protection and market access. For now, we are only catering to hindi audience.

We shall be adding some of the Indian languages soon.